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Information Security – Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attack

A worldwide study of the challenges companies face in protecting their businesses from increasing cyber security incidents has been published. While it shows that positive steps are being taken by business to address potential security threats in...

Disaster Recovery - A New Perspective Post Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane season is an unfortunate but regular fact of life for businesses operating along the east coast of the United States of America.

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello! What’s All This About ISO 9001:2015 Then?

“ISO, ISO, ISO” sounds like the sort of phrase you might hear from a quality standards officer in our industry.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is appropriately the agency that sets and polices international...

Core Infrastructure Considerations for High Application Availability

Business processes are increasingly reliant on software, so keeping your software available is crucial to business continuity. The cost of unscheduled downtime for your important applications can be substantial, for both your business’s finances...

How the Cloud has Transformed the Modern Workplace

The impact that cloud technology is having on the way businesses work has been compared to the workplace evolution that occurred after the dawn of the Internet.

The Future of Online Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration is defined as working together to achieve a shared goal. Traditionally in business this has happened through the exchange of ideas during a meeting or in documents sent via the post or email. However our new digital world has...

Cloud Scalability: App Availability Without Scaling Up or Out

Scalability on demand is one of the core benefits of cloud technology, but in reality, scaling as and when a spike in application demand occurs isn’t typically a smooth process.

Investing in High Capacity Network Enables Business in the Cloud

The UK’s enablement of business in the cloud has come under fire again this week after the former CTO of BT Peter Cochrane bemoaned this country’s lack of investment in Superfast broadband. He claimed in a BBC radio interview that the Internet of...

Beyond Office 365 – How Microsoft Azure AD Unlocks the Cloud for Enterprises

It’s hardly a revelation, but more and more businesses are moving their systems to the cloud. Office 365 is often an appealing first step of this transistion – familiar applications, available from the office or on the go, on desktop, mobile and...

In today’s complex tiered-storage world, experience counts

For the CTO’s and CIO’s of the past, tiered storage used to be a simple matter of assigning categories of data to different types of media in order to reduce overall storage costs.