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Enterprise Cloud – Your Guide to Success

The appetite for cloud services from Enterprise organisations is forecast to grow by almost a quarter in the next four years. As the demand for cloud services increases, it is essential that any move to the cloud is backed by a clear business...

Why Managed Hosting Translates as ‘Peace of Mind’

There’s no doubt that it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage IT infrastructure. There’s the growing complexity of delivering more services to support data hungry businesses; the push to take advantage of the flexibility that cloud...

10 Ways Cloud Solutions Make You More Efficient

From reducing costs to better security, there are many ways that cloud computing can help your organisation face the future with confidence. It’s even predicted by IDC Research that by 2020 we might not even be calling it ‘the cloud’ anymore,...

The Cloud in Oil & Gas. It’s Not Just Scotch Mist.

Improved efficiency and cost effectiveness are the two phrases that define how cloud computing can help businesses move forward, particularly in times of harsh economic reality.

Your Disaster Recovery Checklist

Businesses and organisations of all sizes are deploying applications on virtualised IT infrastructures and in clouds. However, protecting these applications is challenging as traditional replication and disaster recovery (DR) solutions were not...

Women Changing the Face of Tech at iomart and Beyond

Women already have a place in the history of technology and they continue to make their mark today. From Jean E. Sammet who developed the first computer language while working at IBM, to Radia Perlman, otherwise known as the ‘Mother of the...

5 Steps to Migration Success with Azure

Migration to the cloud has many benefits and not least is the resulting efficiency across your full IT portfolio. Achieving a successful migration is all about the planning and the processes you choose to use.

Key Concerns for ISVs in the Cloud Marketplace

Security still tops the cloud priority list for customers of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the UK and Europe, with availability, reliability and disaster recovery close behind.

Glibc – How to Patch the Flaw

In the past 24 hours Google has exposed a flaw in a commonly-used code called glibc, an open source library of code widely used in internet-connected devices.

Glibc is the C library that defines systems calls and other basic functions on Linux...

Be more productive with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) to hybrid cloud and managed services. Any developer or IT professional can be productive with it because of the wide range of...