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The Future of eCommerce - Insight from the UK's Top Digital Agencies

Retailers are striving to compete in an increasingly competitive landscape, in which technology is changing the way products and services are purchased, both online and offline. As consumers become increasingly comfortable adopting new...

The Story of a Real-life DDoS Attack

Threats to the security of your data and your networks are on the rise. One of the most commonly used methods is the Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. According to the most recent research DDoS attacks have increased in their size and...

7 Cyber Security Threats You Need to Know About

The modern business is drenched in technology – and that’s a good thing. The advent of cloud technology in particular has democratised many high-tech business processes that were once the sole reserve of the large corporation with a large budget.

Cloud Security Now Better Than on Premise

Security must always be a key consideration when deploying applications - whether they are within a data centre, hosted or on a cloud platform - and never an afterthought. After all, it is the data your organisation owns and consumes that makes...

Microsoft's UK data centres – the Implications

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed it had brought three new UK data centres online – one in London and the others in Durham and Cardiff.

Until now, UK users of Microsoft cloud services have had to offshore their applications and data to their...

CAPEX versus OPEX – Can You Actually Get The Best of Both Worlds?

When it comes to IT, the CAPEX versus OPEX debate is often reduced down to some pretty black and white arguments – a one off, large investment versus smaller, regular payments; or total control versus speed and agility. But are the options really...

The Need for Speed – Why We Still Love Servers

Containers. Elasticity. Public Cloud. Private Cloud. Hyper Converged. Big Data. Hadoop Clusters.

Buzz words? You could say that. What we see though is Servers. Lots of them.

iomart Provides the Scalable and Secure Infrastructure to Support Redweb’s Chilcot Report Work

iomart is proud to provide the scalable, secure and flexible hosting infrastructure for our customer Redweb to support the online publication of the Chilcot Report.

Pokemon GO - A Lesson in Capacity and Connectivity Planning

A group of young people were gathered by some sports pitches near our offices earlier this week, avidly staring into their smartphones while walking around. Augmented reality mobile app Pokemon GO had finally launched in the UK and they were out...

Taking Your First Steps to the Cloud

Cloud technology can give your IT efficiency, flexibility and speed. It can also help you save money. However it is not suitable in all circumstances or for all organisations.