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The GDPR – With A Year to Go, Are You Ready?

The UK might be in the thick of negotiating Brexit but there is one piece of European legislation that is going to affect anyone doing business within the EU whatever the outcome of those talks is.

Ransomware – How to Stop Your Business Falling Victim

As we have seen with the global WannaCry attack, ransomware is notoriously difficult to combat. It can affect all types of organisations and some can even end up being targeted more than once.  

Turn Your Top Ransomware Threat - Your Staff - Into Your Best Defence

Although a flaw in Windows was behind it, we don’t know yet how the global ransomware attack that caused chaos across the NHS in the UK was physically triggered. It may well be that it started the way most ransomware attacks do – with an...

Meeting Government Cloud Standards

How do you know if a cloud service is secure enough to handle your data? That’s a question that the National Cyber Security Centres poses on behalf of public sector and enterprise buyers of cloud services. It has formulated a set of 14 Cloud...

Eight Questions to Ask for Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery

With IT systems at risk from anything from cyber attacks to weather events and simple human error, it’s never been a better time to check that you have the right processes in place to protect them. Downtime and loss of data is damaging not only...

SD-WAN. What is it and how can it benefit you?

The final blog in our series on Connectivity explores a new technology that has caught the eye of leading industry analysts.

Connectivity Security – the Key to Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

The cloud transforms the way we work, from providing access to critical services on the move to enabling businesses to better communicate and grow. The flexibility and cost savings associated with cloud computing can be revolutionary, however, in...

Connecting to the cloud – your options explained

In this, the latest in our series of blogs looking at connectivity, we outline the options for connecting your office directly into the public cloud.

What are the Key Benefits of Magento Software?

Magento is a complex multi-functional eCommerce platform, with a list of benefits that has earned it clients as prestigious as Burger King, Nestle and Coca-Cola. Since the release of Magento 2.0 in 2015, the platform has even more to offer online...